Viewbank College Building Fund

Thank you!

The Viewbank College Building Fund is a voluntary tax-deductible contribution.

The College would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank those families who have already contributed to the Building Fund this year.

How will your donation assist the College?

The College has a Master Plan for building works with the focus on creating more usable spaces for our students.  Your generous donation will contribute greatly to this.
In the past Building Fund donations have supported various improvements throughout the school such as the installation of heating/cooling, external painting and upgrades to learning spaces.
Another exciting opportunity is the development of our VCE Study Centre, to provide our Year 12 students with a purpose-built space to study, gather and collaborate in their final year at the College.

The end of financial year is fast approaching, if you would like to take the opportunity to make a taxable deduction donation to our Building Fund, please Click here .
All donations big or small are tax-deductible and very much appreciated!