Viewbank College Building Fund

Thank you!

The Viewbank College Building Fund is a voluntary tax-deductible contribution.

The College would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank those families who have already contributed to the Building Fund this year.

How will your donation assist the College?

In the past Building Fund donations have supported various improvements throughout the school such as the installation of heating/cooling and upgrades to learning spaces.

The College hopes to target these donations to further develop our Centre of Innovation and Excellence at Viewbank College where project-based learning opportunities can be developed by experimentation and creativity. The Centre of Innovation and Excellence would be an extension or refurbishment to the J Block to increase the 21st Century learning space where STEM subjects such as robotics, aeromodelling, coding, 3D printing, and app development could be investigated by students in a hands-on environment.

Another exciting opportunity is to develop a VCE study centre, to provide the year 12 students with a purpose-built space to study, gather and collaborate in their final year at the College.


Click here to make a difference to the learning opportunities available for the students at Viewbank College by donating to the College Building Fund.

All donations big or small are tax-deductible!