Each year our students have the opportunity to be involved in all aspects of staging a College Production

Viewbank College has a long and rich history of the performing arts, and the College Production is a wonderful collaboration between music, dance and drama. Each year the College stages two productions; the College Production is a musical, involving students from Years 7 through to Year 12, and in the latter part of the year, the Junior Production, a play involving students in Years 7 through to Year 9.

The College Production involves between 130-150 students each year, with students undertaking a variety of roles both on stage, backstage, and as part of the orchestra. The College Production allows students the opportunity to be part of a team for a professional show. Students who have a passion for singing, dancing and acting can audition for a role in the cast, or instead they can try their hand at the variety of production roles, such as stage crew, lighting and sound operation, costume, make-up and front-of-house. Students who play an instrument can also be involved as part of the live orchestra.

Viewbank College Stage Casting
Viewbank College Stage Performance
Viewbank College Performance
Viewbank College Back to 80's Performance

The Junior Production is another unique opportunity for students in Years 7, 8 and 9 to be involved in acting and performance or production crew. The Junior Production is a play, and is directed by the Year 12 Drama Captain with assistance from a selected Year 11 student. With a smaller cast of 35, and a select production crew, the Junior Production is very much a student led production and a great learning experience for those involved.