Debating is an enjoyable and rewarding experience available for all students from Years 7 to 12. Senior inter school debating, Years 9 -12, runs Monday evenings at Loyola College.

Debating is a wonderful extracurricular activity to participate in, as it strengthens student’s public speaking and generally oratory abilities beyond the classroom. Students are encouraged to consider contemporary political and cultural issues and changes from all perspectives, particularly those that challenge their own worldview. Debating encourages students to become more aware of local and world events, as well as enhancing their abilities to think and express their thoughts under pressure. These are all skills which have applications beyond their academic origins and create students who are well informed, respectful of differing opinions and are able to eloquently express their views about the world around them. Debating is a fun challenge for all students which enhances the College experience.

The Debating Coordinator, and Debating Captain are always available to help any aspiring debaters to get the most out of their experience, both during and outside of competitions. We always look forward to another wonderful year of debating culminating in the Great Debate, where the Year 12 debaters will once again take on the teacher team.