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Our office is open from 8.15am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday. School families can email staff members via Compass.

Sharon Grimes Principal
Ms. Sharon Grimes
John Munro Assistant Principal

Mr. John Munro

Assistant Principal

Rachael Smith Assistant Principal

Ms. Rachael Smith

Assistant Principal

Ms. Emma Ford

Assistant Principal

Kathleen Hannan Business Manager

Ms. Kathleen Hannan

Business Manager

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Our office is open from 8.15am to 4.00pm Monday to Friday.

Learning Leaders 
Ms. Belinda PontesHead of Learning - Architecture
Mr. Darren MurrayHead of Learning - Enquiry
Mr. John PattersonLearning Specialist - Evidence Based Improvement
Ms. Rachel RamsayLearning Specialist - Pedagogy and HITS
Ms. Genelle LentiniLearning Specialist - Innovation and Partnerships
Ms. Kate ButlerLearning Specialist - Student Agency
Ms. Sue CalderLearning Specialist - Numeracy
Ms. Shandelle FeduniwLearning Specialist - Literacy
Senior School (Year 11-12) 
Ms. Renea BettsHead of House - Senior School (Hydra and Ignis)
Ms. Ruth PerkinsHead of House - Senior School (Stella and Terra)
Ms. Amy McConnellHouse Leader - Hydra
Mr. Ross PearsonHouse Leader - Ignis
Mr. Ben PonteHouse Leader - Stella
Mr. Matthew EardleyHouse Leader - Terra
Middle School (Year 7-10) 
Ms. Allison LemarHead of House - Middle School - Hydra
Ms. Adela CarsonHouse Leader - Hydra
Ms. Mahalia RankHouse Leader - Hydra
Mr. Dominic BrunoHouse Leader - Hydra
Ms. Vita CottoneHead of House - Middle School - Ignis
Ms. Jaclyn CurnowHouse Leader - Ignis
Mr. Daniel LeardiHouse Leader - Ignis
Ms. Adriana PavlidisHouse Leader - Ignis
Ms. Emily Pinney-BrownHead of House - Middle School - Stella
Mr. Jacob CallahanHouse Leader - Stella
Ms. Elena ReidHouse Leader - Stella
Ms. Sarah Wolhuter-CumminsHouse Leader - Stella
Ms. Jessica WaltonHouse Leader - Stella
Mr. Jackson MoloneyHead of House - Middle School - Terra
Ms. Ebonee AttardHouse Leader - Terra
Ms. Chloe TimmsHouse Leader - Terra
Ms. Sarah WilliamsHouse Leader - Terra
Domain Leaders 
Ms. Fiona EllisEnglish
Mr. Sean HillerMathematics
Ms. Caitlin VineScience
Ms. Liana SpencerHumanities
Mr. Timothy HockingLOTE
Ms. Amanda WatsonPerforming Arts
Ms. Lisa WhiteVisual Arts
Ms. Veena NairTechnology
Ms. Steph ClappHealth and PE
College Mental Health Practitioner
Ms. Libby Whiting

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