Senior School


Senior school handbook

VCE is a great challenge for students to really test their capacity as learners and establish their best opportunity for achieving quality pathways. Viewbank College requires that all its senior students prioritise time and effort into achieving VCE success and being proud of their efforts.

The purpose of these handbooks is to provide students with comprehensive information about the Senior School and what subjects Viewbank College offers to students. Students need to carefully plan their courses and make informed decisions about their goals for VCE success and for their post-secondary future.

In terms of considering a study course the best advice is to choose studies:

  • which the student enjoys
  • in which the student achieves success and already has a sense of learning confidence
  • which enhance the student’s special skills or talents
  • which are prerequisites for future study, apprenticeship or work

No student should feel alone in their decision-making. After discussions with parents, advice is readily available from the Principal, the two Assistant Principals, the VCE Coordinator, the Senior Years Program Leader, the Year 11 and 12 Level Leaders, and the Careers Coordinator. Each student will be provided with course counselling.

Viewbank College has an excellent record of success at the VCE level.
We have a teaching staff committed to assisting every student to achieve success.

We expect students undertaking VCE studies to display the following qualities:

  • A desire to do one’s best
  • A commitment to their studies
  • Determination and perseverance when things become difficult
  • Discipline both at school and at home
  • Dedication to their studies and academic achievement