Middle School

Year 7

At Year 7 the focus is on the student’s transition from primary to secondary school. The Year 7 teaching team work closely with Grade 6 teachers to ensure the transition into Year 7 is a smooth and positive experience. Year 7 is administered by a Level Leader, two Wellbeing Leaders, a Mentor, along with the support of Homegroup Teachers. At this level, students have their own Year 7 school yard area, basketball court, locker rooms and home rooms.

Transition and Wellbeing

Students at this level are involved in the Year 7 Wellbeing Days where they interact with guest speakers and participate in activities on a range of topics concerned with the Health and Wellbeing of young people. Topics include bullying, cybersafety, resilience, growing up and making choices as well as fun team building activities. An important part of the transition process is our Peer Support Program, where a group of committed and responsible Year 10 students work with the Year 7 group throughout Semester One to help develop positive relationships. Year 7 students also attend a 3-day camp during in Term 2, which is also part of the transition program and further helps with socialisation at this level.


The learning program for Year 7 students consists of students experiencing a range of core subjects including English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities, Health and Physical Education and either German or Japanese. The students also study a range of Art and Technologies subjects such as Digital Technologies, Art, Drama, Textiles, Media and Music.

For more information on this Year Level and the curriculum, please click on the Year 7 Handbook link here.

Year 8

Connectedness and Wellbeing

During Year 8, the focus for students is ensuring connectedness and belonging, resilience and respectful relationships. Year 8 is administered by a Level Leader, two Wellbeing Leaders and a Mentor.

To develop their understanding of gratitude, empathy, resilience and community, students participate in ‘Heads Up Week’ where they focus on positive Mental Health Strategies. The week involves targeted curriculum across all Learning Areas. Activities include a healthy BBQ lunch, welfare workshops, guest speakers and Dodgeball competitions to develop a positive mindset and inclusiveness.

Students will also have the opportunity to choose from a number of camp and activity options towards the end of the year which run concurrently. Students are able to select which camp or activity best suits their interests.

Throughout the year, students also participate in a number of Career/Pathways Workshops and Year 9 elective information sessions to ensure the students are actively considering and developing their interests and skills and taking a considerate approach to future studies.


Year 8 students will study a core program including Mathematics, English, Science, Humanities, Health and Physical Education, along with a range of Art and Technologies subjects such as 3D Art, Drama, Music, Materials Technology and Design, Visual Communication Design and Food Technologies.

For more information on this Year Level and the curriculum, please click on the Year 8 Handbook link here.

Year 9

Independence Development and Wellbeing

Year 9 at Viewbank focuses on the students becoming independent and resilient learners, building their confidence to embark on their learning in the Senior Years at the completion of the year.

Students will be engaged in a number of programs to build their capacity as both learners and effective members of the community. These include offering the students the choice of three camps or school based activities based on their interests and a group enquiry project as part of the City Experience Program.

A variety of Careers and Pathways workshops throughout Semester One will also ensure the students are confident in their elective choices for Year 10. The workshops are designed so that the students can explore their personal strengths and interests, and begin linking these to subject choices and possible pathway options in the future. We encourage them to think about their elective choices as a time for growth and exploration in subjects they find engaging.


Year 9 Students will continue to study a core program including Mathematics, English, Science, Health and Physical Education, Humanities and Digital Technologies, along with an extensive selection of electives including Languages, Art and Technologies subjects. At Year 9, students are also offered a range of electives to suit their interests from all Learning Areas. Some examples include Duke of Edinburgh, Forensic Science and Literature. Please find a full list of elective options in The Year 9 Handbook. The handbook also gives parents and students an overview of the program delivered at Viewbank for Year 9 students.

In Term 4, students undertake their first formal examination experience.

For more information on this Year Level and the curriculum, please click on the Year 9 Handbook link here.