College Tours

Grade 6 (2020) into Year 7 (2021) Virtual Tour

Dear Parents/Guardians and Prospective Year 7 Students,

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, our face to face tours and Information Evening were unable to be continued as planned.

We acknowledge this is a very important and challenging time in your decision making for choosing a secondary school for your child.  We believe it is important that you look holistically at schools to see which one will meet the needs of your child.

We believe that Viewbank College offers the right blend of academic focus, of wellbeing support and it being a community that welcomes and caters for all.

Please see below our Virtual Tour of Viewbank College, we hope you enjoy and see all the wonderful opportunities that Viewbank College can provide for your child.


Q & A Sessions for Parent/Guardians (Yr 7 in 2021)

These sessions are for parents/guardians who have further questions for an Assistant Principal after watching our Virtual Tour. These sessions (are not essential or required) will run for approximately 30 minutes and are limited to 15 families per session.

Q & A Dates and Times

Thursday 14th May6.30pm
Tuesday 19th May7.00pm
Thursday 21st May7.30pm
Monday 25th May7.00pm

Please reserve your place by booking here.

Sharon Grimes, Principal

“Caring for Excellence”