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Japan Trip 2014

We recently enjoyed the fourteenth year of our association with Narita Kokusai Senior High School with a visit to Japan. Eighteen students and two teachers from Viewbank College travelled to Japan on June 21st to experience the language, the culture and the hospitality in Chiba prefecture.

Our home stay families were wonderful, providing care and support as well as delicious meals, interesting trips and an insight into Japanese lifestyle. At school, we marvelled at the busy lives of the Narita students as they prepared for a school festival and spent many hours on a variety of club activities.

Of course we were able to visit Asakusa and Ahihabara in Tokyo, and we spent a fun day at Tokyo Disneyland.

Next March, we will host Narita students, with a chance to repay some of their hospitality. Keep a look out for invitations to host – and then in 2015, to visit Japan for the next stage of our sister school programme.

The eighteen Viewbank students were wonderful ambassadors for Viewbank College and for Australia. Their experiences have enriched both their language and their cultural awareness.

Kaye Mackenzie,

Mike Matthews                                                                                                                 July, 2014 





Language Perfect 

In 2013 and 2014 Viewbank College participated in the Language Perfect World Championships.

Viewbank College answered 1,220,936 questions during the week long championships.

School Achievements:

  • 16th overall globally (out of 1151 schools)
  • 1st overall in German (out of 878 schools)
  • 11th overall in Australia (out of 778 schools)
  • 4th overall in VIC (out of 196 schools)
  • 6th overall in the 501-1000 students category (out of 133 schools)
  • 1st for German in Australia (out of 599 schools)
  • 6th in Australia for the 501-1000 students category (out of 110 schools)
  • 15th overall in Japanese (out of 916 schools)
  • 1st for German in VIC (out of 164 schools)
  • 1st for German in the 501-1000 students category (out of 127 schools)

Questions answered in each language: German: 576496, Japanese: 460617, Italian: 57960, Chinese: 31306, French: 20473, Indonesian: 13693, Spanish: 13366, Latin: 12736, Russian: 9930, Greek: 7307, Maori: 4641, Tongan: 2668, Samoan: 2620, Arabic: 2161, Portuguese: 1753, Thai: 862, Turkish: 596, Korean: 409

Student Achievements:
Elite Awards: 6 (10,000+ points) Christian Popovic, Matthew Kennedy, Jody Liu, Alexei Cherstnov, Rhylee Hunt, Andrew Vassett.
Gold Awards: 16 (3,000+ points)
Silver Awards: 16 (2,000+ points)
Bronze Awards: 71 (1,000+ points)
Credit Awards: 126 (500+ points)