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Year 12 Leadership Camp

Year 12 Leadership Camp

We would like to start with a big thank you to our lovely school council for funding and allowing our schools 2020 leadership team to participate in the amazing leadership camp which allowed us to explore the possibilities to plan and bond for the year, with our wonderful staff of Mr Munro, Mr Murray, Ms Perkins and Ms Do for constructing resourceful activities and conversations.

Once we were at the amazing site with open space spaces, great walking tracks, courts, game rooms and a large common room. The staff at the campsite were so welcoming and gave us the best meals with all you can have coffees and teas. This allowed us to have a relaxing area to feel comfortable with each other and voice out opinions and ideas expanding our trust in the team.

We also were able to tackle our fears and weaknesses while on camp which provided hands on activities such as the rope course which was aimed to recreate a scenario in which all of the captains were stuck on a burning building. In order to complete the course, every captain had to cross “the fire” which was a portion of mud and dirt by a hanging rope and land safely in the miniature box. The aim of the activity was to fit all 19 captains in a metre by metre make shift box which we successfully did after several attempts. Being so close in proximity to each other really pushed us out of our comfort zone which gave us a feel of what our captain roles would bring up for us.

A planning session lead by Mr Murray and Ms Perkins allowed us to learn about what type of leaders we are as well as to set goals based upon previous achievements within the school. As a group we were able to brainstorm and synthesise our ideas, building on each others prior knowledge.

Thank you again for everyone involved with preparing our trip can’t wait for this year.

From Bonnie and the rest of the leadership team