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Viewbank College STEAM Futures Conference 2022

Middle School Year 9 Student Lab

The focus for this conference is to learn how to initiate and build student agency and leadership through the shared experiences of educators and students in running broad-ranging STEAM projects in collaboration with external organisations. 

​Students develop 21st century skills such as self-efficacy and problem-solving, from being immersed in projects. Facilitating the organisation and operation of these projects is not easy, and so this conference is bringing together a wide-range of teachers, students and industry professionals – who will share their insights, tips and traps, from their experiences in managing these projects firsthand.

Keynote Speaker

 Leah Heiss – Melbourne-based designer and Monash University academic

Leah is a Melbourne-based designer and Monash University academic working at the nexus of design, health and technology. Her process is deeply collaborative, and she works with experts from nanotechnology through to manufacturing. She is dedicated to the idea that design can radically improve the development of wearable health technologies, systems and services. 

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DATE:     Friday 18th March, 2022

TIME:      9am – 4.30pm

VENUE: Viewbank College Performing Arts Centre, 1 Warren Road, Viewbank VIC 3084