International Students Program

Viewbank College is committed to providing an environment where international students are safe and feel safe, and their voices are heard about decisions that affect their lives. Particular attention will be paid to the safety of international students from culturally or linguistically diverse backgrounds.

Viewbank College

Viewbank College is a co-educational government secondary college approximately 17 kilometres from the Melbourne city centre. Located close to a range of native flora and fauna reserves with attractive school grounds, the college is close to Latrobe University, shopping centres, banking, medical and entertainment amenities. The school is serviced by regular train lines and bus routes with easy access to Melbourne.

Our College has excellent facilities including home rooms for Year 7 classes, state of the art ICT network and quality support for the 1:1 laptop program. Viewbank College has recently completed a major building project – a flexible performing arts centre which has both music and drama facilities for classroom teaching, as well as new mathematics classrooms and a total new fit-out of the mathematics/science area and the arts area which encompasses a “maker’s space” for our STEAM program. Viewbank also has outstanding facilities, including the Banyule Theatre and an impressive oval, basketball courts and soccer field, which enhance the opportunities for students to perform at their best.


Applicants must be made through where you can see the processes, information and the requirements. We do have a small Homestay Program, but students under 15 years of age will only be considered if they live with a parent or a DHA approved relative.

English Language Support

Prior to entering mainstream classes, students, where required, can study an Intensive English Language course at an English Language centre located 4 kilometres from Viewbank College.

Years 7-9

Our International Students join mainstream classes for all their studies. We have found this the best way to help them quickly improve their English and to become part of the Viewbank College community. However, students receive an additional 3 lessons per week of EAL (English as an Additional Language), where they work in small groups. Here they can work on developing their language skills and they can be assisted with classwork.

Years 10-12

In 2021, there will be separate EAL English classes at Years 10, 11 and 12. In these small classes, senior students will be able to develop their English language skills to a higher level.

There are also homework sessions run by teachers after school. Students can attend these sessions for help with their work in English, Humanities, Maths and Science subjects.

Other Language Studies

We offer Japanese and German at Viewbank College, but students have the opportunity to study their first language as part of their VCE course. They can choose to enrol at the Victorian School of Languages (VSL) or we may approve study with a registered third party provider. These classes are held outside of normal school hours.

Special Programs to note:

  • Access to a range of STEAM programs
  • Extension opportunities in Mathematics and Science
  • Extensive instrumental music program
  • ICT and media studies
  • Japanese and German languages
  • Strong English as an Additional Language support Program
  • Homework clubs in Mathematics/Science and English/Humanities
  • Student leadership program
  • Pastoral care and student counselling support
  • College Nurse
  • Work Experience Program
  • Well-developed Respectful Relationships Program

Extracurricular activities include:

  • Musical instrument tuition and performance
  • College production and drama performances
  • Sporting Program
  • Debating and public speaking
  • Varied Lunchtime Activities program
  • G’Day USA overseas trip
  • Sister school exchange trips to Germany and Japan

Homestay Accommodation

We have a number of families offering homestay to students who have applied to come here without family. Generally we would expect students to remain in homestay until the end of their course at Viewbank College. Strict regulations ensure the safety of students, we monitor homestays and conduct regular checks. Families who might be interested in providing homestay for a student can email the International Student Coordinator, Summer Guo or the International Student Program Assistant, Jeanette Maxwell.

Homestay Provider Policy Information

Homestay Provider Enquiry Form


International Education: ensuring and protecting students

The Law and Legal Advice

Living in Australia – Cultural Information

Complaints and Appeals Procedures

Cost of Living  (Cost of living tab)

Emergency and Healthcare Services – (tabs for Safety Health and Emergencies)

Information about Melbourne   

Locality – Services Information: – translations available

Pedestrian Safety

Public Transport 

Rights and Responsibilities –  for employment and jobs information

Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA)


Student Health and Support Line available 24/7 : Telephone : 1800 887 283 with interpreters

Information relating to Viewbank College:

Student Code of Conduct

Computer and Internet Acceptable Use Agreement (will be signed at enrolment)

S and N Guidelines

Work Submission Guidelines

2020 VCE Student Policy Handbook


We are very proud of our International Student Program. Students take on an enormous challenge when they leave home to study in another country and we offer them all the support they need to be successful. Viewbank College is a Child Safe environment in accordance with the Victorian Government guidelines, with a Child Safety Code of Conduct. (See ‘Child Safe’ under About Us)

However, if you have an enquiry relating specifically to Viewbank College, you are welcome to email the International Student Coordinator, Summer Guo:


Sharon Grimes

Or call: 8458 2811

Summer Guo

International Student Coordinator:

Jeanette Maxwell

International Student Assistant: