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COVID-19 School Arrangements

Students will be learning remotely from home for Term 2.
Teachers will be in regular contact with students to support their learning.

The Department of Education has indicated that there may be a requirement for some students to learn on-site during Term 2. This is in exceptional circumstances. Any student who can learn from home must learn at home to meet current social distancing laws.

To ascertain how many children require on-site supervision due to exceptional circumstances, there is a link below to a form parents need to fill in before students are allowed to attend the College.

Please read the information on the form and only fill it in if you meet the criteria. All care will be taken in the supervision of students on-site.

On-site supervision form

This information is private and will only be shared by the Principal class at the College. We request that the form is filled in as soon as possible for planning purposes.

Transition to online learning guidelines.