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Congratulations to our staff and students involved in the Young Person’s Plan for the Planet winning the Secondary Student Action Team of the Year Award

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Massive congratulations to the Viewbank College students and staff involved in the Young Person’s for the Planet Team (YPPP). This amazing and committed group have won the Secondary Student Action Team of the Year Award in the Resource Smart School Awards (run by Sustainability Victoria).

The Viewbank College’s Young Persons Plan for the Planet (YPPP) Team is made up of passionate students from all year levels, who are dedicated to taking action on a local, national and international scale to fulfil the UN’s SDG’s. The team meets every week to create plans and actions that benefit our school, community and ultimately, the planet.

The students have been incredibly active, making beeswax wraps to sell to the community and reduce use of plastic. They developed and conducted workshops on Real lives  at the International YPPP Singapore conference. They are currently working on creating a vertical wall garden project at our school. This project will contribute to a multi-use community space to highlight the importance of sustainable practice.   

Special thanks need to go to Rose Howard and Molly Brown (sustainability captain 2019).    It was Rose’s Idea, which was supported by Molly and the entire YPPP team. The staff who supported the YPPP team throughout should also be acknowledged – John Patterson for his huge efforts in organising the bees wax. Caitlin Vine and Chloe Timms for supporting the students in their trip to Singapore to present their work. Finally, the tireless work of Veena Nair and Finn Mulhall to advance STEAM at Viewbank College and make us a lead school in this area.