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Acceleration & Enhancement Program Test Information

Acceleration and Enhancement (AE) Program

The Viewbank College Acceleration and Enhancement (AE) Program is for students who are enrolled at Viewbank College and is designed to offer gifted and talented learners who have been identified as very capable, committed and enthusiastic the opportunity to work in a challenging and stimulating environment with students of similar ability. Suitable students will have academic skills above those of their age peer group.

Acceleration and Enhancement Placement Testing for the Acceleration and Enhancement Class 2023

Students eligible to be enrolled at Viewbank College for Year 7, 2023 will have the opportunity to book into the placement testing which will take place online on Saturday 23rd July, 2022 at 10.00am.

Applications are to be made via Edutest.

Testing Date:Saturday 23rd July, 2022
Venue:Viewbank College
Bookings open:Wednesday 9th February, 2022
Bookings close:Monday 18th July, 2022
Test Cost:$95.00 (non refundable)


For further information regarding our Accelerationa dn Enhancement (EA) Program, please click here.