Viewbank College

Year 7 & 8

This page contains a brief overview of the Year 7 and 8 program.  

2019 Year 7 and 8 Handbook.

Year 7

At year 7 the focus is on the student and their trasition from primary to secondary school.  The Year 7 teaching team work closely with Grade 6 teachers to ensure the tranision into Year 7 is a smooth and positive experience.  Much care and thought is put into the placement of students into classes.  Year 7 is administered by a Wellbeing Leader, an Assistant and the support of Homegroup Teachers.  At this level, students have their own Year 7 school yard area, basketball court, locker rooms and home rooms.  

Transition and Wellbeing

Students at this level are involved in the Year 7 Wellbeing Days where they interact with guest speakers and participate in actvities on a range of topics concerned with the Health and Wellbeing of young people.  Topics include bullying, cybersafety, resilience, growing up and making choices as well as fun team building activities.  An important part of the transition is our peer support program, where a group of committed and responsible Year 10 students work with the Year 7 group throughout the year to help develop positive relationships within the group.

Excursions and Activities

Year 7 students attend a 3 day camp, usually in term 2, which is also part of the transition program and further helps with socialisation at this level.  The Zoo excursion in Term 3 is an integral part of the Year 7 learning experience and incorporates the wellbeing of our students with the science curriculum.  The day is usually staffed by the Year 7 Science Teachers and Home Group Teachers.  At the end of year, students are involved in an activities day.  Previous activities have included Melbourne Sports and Acquatic Centre, Luna Park and Whittlesea Fun Fields.

Year 8

Year 8 is administered by a Wellbeing Leader, an Assistant and the support of Homegroup Teachers.  Students study LOTE German or Japanese as their LOTE selection.  Throughout the year, students are involved with various programs including The 'Speakers in the Spotlight Program' which involves external presenters such as Sports Professionals, Cyber Safety Experts, Cultural Enrichment Performances, Authors and the Laryngetomee Association.

During term 2, students participate in 'Heads Up Week' where the year level focus on positive Mental Health and involves all Domain Areas across the college.  Actvities include a healthy BBQ lunch, Reach Foundation workshops and Dodgeball competitions.


Students also have the opportunity to be involved in the optional Mount Buller Daytrip where they can spend the day skiing or snowboarding after lessons with a qualified instructor.

Year 8 students also participate in a careers workshop and Year 9 elective information session at the end of Term 3.  During the day, students learn about electives offered at Year 9 and possible career paths.  This also involves student research and career professionals sharing their experiences with the students.