Viewbank College

Our Values

Viewbank College Values

As a respected provider of high quality education Viewbank College has instilled seven core values. These values act as base from which our staff, students and their families can become active and effective members of their community.

The seven values fall under the heading of RESPECT. 








By maintaining the below standards we are able to provide our students with an encouraging, welcoming and vibrant environment in which they can achieve their best. 



Behaviours to Demonstrate Value

  • Responsibility
  • Taking personal responsibility for   your actions
  • Respecting the views of others
  • Treating one another with dignity, care, acceptance and understanding
  • Taking responsibility for your actions towards others, the environment and yourself
  • I am committed to my work
  • I recognise and acknowledge the contribution of all members of the community
  • I listen and acknowledge the views of others and respond respectfully.
  • I have care for and support others
  • I am friendly and non-judgemental
  • I show common courtesy and manners
  • Experience
  • Having the ability to move forward through self-discovery
  • To enable skills which  will open the doors to different possibilities
  • Being open to new experiences to allow for personal growth
  • Being willing to take  the opportunities provided
  • Provide opportunities to apply learned skills
  • I am determined to do my best
  • I take charge of my personal growth
  • I take advantage of new experiences and opportunities given to me
  • I learn from my experiences
  • I take advantage of opportunities I am given
  • Striving
  • To be motivated and have commitment.
  • To have pride in your appearance, belongings and resources.
  • To allow each other to fulfil their opportunities and privileges
  • To aim to do my personal best
  • I take advantage of opportunities given to me
  • I take pride in my appearance and actions
  • I take pride in and respect the achievements of others
  • I strive to achieve my full potential
  • Purpose
  • Being committed to a set of goals
  • Showing  an understanding of what is required to achieve positive outcomes
  • Being persistent
  • Having high aspirations
  • Making a consistent effort
  • I am motivated
  • I am responsible
  • I am committed to achieving my best
  • Excellence
  • Striving to achieve positive outcomes
  • Providing excellent learning opportunities
  • Recognising  individuals’ diverse learning styles and level of ability
  • Aiming for excellence
  • Acknowledging achievements in all areas
  • Having high expectations that both teachers and students will strive to achieve positive outcomes.
  • I am committed to excellence
  • I strive to achieve
  • I participate and collaborate
  • I recognise and celebrate  achievement
  • I am a team player
  • I become immersed in a topic – role play, hands on, excursions/in school activities, demonstrations, theme days
  • I am able to Listen
  • Care
  • Recognising the rights of others
  • Recognising and respecting diversity and individuality
  • Having a safe environment in which we can learn and achieve our potential
  • Having a positive attitude which provides an opportunity for all to grow
  • Having a supportive environment where the needs of all are met.
  • I am caring and understanding of others
  • I acknowledge and respond to others
  • I listen to opinions of others
  • I am responsible for my own learning
  • I am accountable for my actions
  • Teamwork
  • Having the ability to work efficiently as a team
  • Working cooperatively to achieve a goal
  • Recognising diversity and learning from each other
  • Creating a supportive environment where opinions are welcomed
  • I work together with others
  • I listen to others’ viewpoints or opinions
  • I work in teams to achieve common goals
  • I contribute to discussions to ensure continual learning
  • I am supportive and respectful
  • I am an active member of the school community
  • I am tolerant