Viewbank College

Our Vision and Pledge

Viewbank College Vision and Pledge


Viewbank College has at its focus high expectations and aims to provide quality educational opportunities that fully develop the potential of all its students.  The learning growth of each child is a priority.  The commitment is to ensure a caring environment in which every child has the sense that Viewbank College feels like a ‘small inclusive school’ and where there is a strong sense of belonging.  Students are supported to be curious, adaptable, resilient and ethical members of the community. 


At Viewbank College, we are committed to building respectful relationships every day.  We pledge to continue to build a respectful environment that is inclusive, positive, safe and caring, promotes empowerment and strives for equity.  We will honour the diversity of everyone within our community and embrace every background, experience, gender, sexuality, ability, age, culture and religion.


Members of the College community can expect that Viewbank College, through its academic, co-curricular programs and health/well-being overlay, focuses on caring for the individual while providing rich, relevant, engaging learning towards strong student learning growth.  

Viewbank College is a Child-Safe environment in accordance with the Victorian Government Guidelines. Viewbank College actively promotes the safety and wellbeing of all students, and all school staff are committed to protecting students from abuse or harm in the school environment, in accordance with their legal obligations including child safe standards. Viewbank College has a Child Safety Code of Conduct consistent with the Department’s exemplar.


The College upholds the following: 

·           the belief that each individual should be challenged to explore their potential and encouraged to find the best expression of that potential

·           the belief that the curriculum should offer challenge,  a breadth of choice and opportunities for the pursuit of personal excellence

·           the encouragement of each child to explore opportunities to gain skills and knowledge that equip them to make the best possible decisions for their future pathways

·           the respect for the rights of others and taking responsibility for their own actions.

·           the need to provide a supportive, friendly and compassionate environment for students and staff where the views and ideas of individuals are respected and taken into account

·           the need to create a collaborative partnership between all the members of the school community in achieving innovation and continuous improvement to support student learning.

·           the need to create a well-resourced physical environment which is welcoming, clean, comfortable, safe and well-maintained in order to support growth and learning.