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International Students

Viewbank College International Student Program

Viewbank College is a co-educational government secondary school with an enrolment of over 1100 students. We are only able to enrol a small number of International Students.  Our current students are from from China, South Korea and Vietnam.

Our program is largely a academic, with most of our students planning to continue their studies at university. For example, our International Students from the past few years are currently studying at the University of Melbourne, Monash University, Latrobe University and RMIT University.  They often call or visit and we are always happy to keep in touch.

We are very proud of our International Student Program. Students take on an enormous challenge when they come to study in a language and culture so different from their own. We do everything we can to support them.

Homestay Accommodation

We have a number of families offering home stay to our International Students. Homestays are checked and arranged by the school, so that they are safe and supportive. We monitor homestays and conduct checks regularly. There is a 24 hour contact number available should students or families need support.

Families who might be interested in providing homestay for International Students are encouraged to call or email for further information: Kaye Mackenzie ph 90913877 or Jeanette Maxwell ph 90913821


Students requiring airport pick up will be met by the International Student Coordinator and taken to their homestays. They will be assisted to set up a bank account and to obtain a mobile phone, uniform and books before the start of school.

English Language Support

Students join mainstream classes for all their studies. We have found this the best way to help them quickly improve their English and to help them become part of the Viewbank College community. However, International Students receive 2 extra lessons of EAL (English as an Additional Language) each week in small groups. Here, they can work on developing their English language skills and can be helped with class work.


The application process commences with the International Education Division. Their website contains all the information and requirements and is the place to start. For general information about the Viewbank College program, you are welcome to email the International Student Coordinator,

Mrs Kaye Mackenzie 


There are always many ‘official’ events for our students. This week, however, we simply got together for lunch, to relax and talk. Thank you to Mrs Jeanette Maxwell for arranging everything for the lunch.  It was a friendly, relaxed atmosphere, with a few ‘non - International Students’ joining us.  Our International Students are simply part of the Viewbank College community and it is wonderful to see them enjoying classes, sports and other activities.

Term 4 will be very busy, as students undertaking Unit 3 and 4 subjects will have both written and oral exams, they will have folios to finish and submit and applications to make or subjects to choose for 2017.  It is important that all students at all levels do their best to give themselves future choices.

Here are some photographs from a range of Viewbank College activities in which International Students have participated.

Kaye Mackenzie,

International Student Coordinator,

September, 2016

Kaye Mackenzie, ISC