Viewbank College

International Students

Viewbank College International Student Program    


Viewbank College is a co-educational government secondary college with an enrolment of over 1300 students. We are only able to allocate places to 30 International Students across the school.

Our program is largely academic, with most of our students planning to continue their studies at university.

We are very proud of our International Student Program. Students take on an enormous challenge when they leave home to study in another country and we offer them all the support they need to be successful. Viewbank College is a Child Safe environment in accordance with the Victorian Government guidelines, with a Child Safety Code of Conduct. (see ‘Child Safe’ under About Us) 

Homestay Accommodation

We have a number of families offering homestay to students who have applied to come here without family. Strict regulations ensure the safety of students we monitor homestays and conduct regular checks.

Families who might be interested in providing homestay for a student can email Kaye Mackenzie (see below) or the ISP Assistant, Jeanette Maxwell,


Students requiring airport pick up will be met at the airport by the International Student Coordinator and taken to their homestays. They will be assisted to set up a bank account, to obtain a mobile phone, uniform, books and so on, before the start of school.

English Language Support

Our International Students join mainstream classes for all their studies. We have found this the best way to help them quickly improve their English and to become part of the Viewbank College community. However, students receive an additional 2 lessons per week of EAL (English as an Additional Language), where they work in small groups. Here they can work on developing their language skills and they can be assisted with classwork.

There are also homework sessions run by teachers after school. Students can attend these sessions for help with their work in English, Humanities, Maths and Science and Commerce subjects.


All applications start with the International Education Division of the Department of Education and Training. The website contains all the information and processes for application.

However, if you have an enquiry relating specifically to Viewbank College, you are welcome to email the International Student Coordinator, Kaye Mackenzie,

or call on  90913877.


In 2018, Viewbank College will have 30 International Students across all 6 year levels. We welcomed 4 new students last week, 3 having completed courses in English Language before coming to us.

It is always difficult to start out again, particularly in a new school where everything is delivered in English. English is not the first language for our students and so they are to be admired for their bravery and for their preparedness to take on such a challenge. It has been good to see our local Viewbank students making everyone welcome.

We are still learning about the destinations of our 2017 graduates; so far they have been offered positions in university courses dealing with Food Technology and Nutrition, Project Management, Information and Communication Technology and Public Relations.

Homestay Families

Homestay families continue to provide wonderful support for students who are not here with their families, and we appreciate that contribution to our program.

Work Experience for Year 10

At the end of Term 2, all Year 10 students will take part in the Work Experience component of the Careers programme. Students are encouraged to find their own placements; for newly arrived students this is another challenge, so if you are able to offer a week of Work Experience to any of our students, we would be pleased to follow up any offers or enquiries.


Our International Students take part in all aspects of the school programme. This year we look forward to their participation in sport, music, debating, drama, exchange programmes, public speaking and much more.

Kaye Mackenzie,

International Student Coordinator.