Viewbank College

International Students

Viewbank College International Student Program    


Viewbank College is a co-educational government secondary college with an enrolment of over 1300 students. We are only able to allocate places to 30 International Students across the school.

Our program is largely academic, with most of our students planning to continue their studies at university.

We are very proud of our International Student Program. Students take on an enormous challenge when they leave home to study in another country and we offer them all the support they need to be successful. Viewbank College is a Child Safe environment in accordance with the Victorian Government guidelines, with a Child Safety Code of Conduct. (see ‘Child Safe’ under About Us) 

Homestay Accommodation

We have a number of families offering homestay to students who have applied to come here without family. Strict regulations ensure the safety of students we monitor homestays and conduct regular checks.

Families who might be interested in providing homestay for a student can email Kaye Mackenzie (see below) or the ISP Assistant, Jeanette Maxwell,


Students requiring airport pick up will be met at the airport by the International Student Coordinator and taken to their homestays. They will be assisted to set up a bank account, to obtain a mobile phone, uniform, books and so on, before the start of school.

English Language Support

Our International Students join mainstream classes for all their studies. We have found this the best way to help them quickly improve their English and to become part of the Viewbank College community. However, students receive an additional 2 lessons per week of EAL (English as an Additional Language), where they work in small groups. Here they can work on developing their language skills and they can be assisted with classwork.

There are also homework sessions run by teachers after school. Students can attend these sessions for help with their work in English, Humanities, Maths and Science and Commerce subjects.


All applications start with the International Education Division of the Department of Education and Training. The website contains all the information and processes for application.

However, if you have an enquiry relating specifically to Viewbank College, you are welcome to email the International Student Coordinator, Kaye Mackenzie,

or call on  90913877.


Welcome to Semester 2…

Welcome back! Many students took the opportunity to return to their home countries over the holidays. Others stayed in Melbourne with family and friends.


Last week, we welcomed 8 new Viewbank College International Students from Vietnam and from China. They will study English at the Macleod College Intensive English Language Centre and we wish them well with their studies. Two students have graduated from the Language Centre and have joined us on site at Viewbank College and one student has transferred from another school, to join our Year 9 group. During Semester 1, we farewelled three students who have moved on to study elsewhere. Our best wishes go with them.


Many congratulations to the students who recently received recognition of their academic achievement and endeavour throughout Semester 1. These certificates were presented at assemblies on Thursday, July 19th. In an International Student Program where we can only have 30 students in our College, to be able to acknowledge the progress and the achievements of 7 students in a school of 1300 is a great indicator of the hard work and determination of our students. Well done! Keep up the good work!

Semester Activities…

This will be a busy semester. For our Year 12 students, there are not many weeks of school left. Students at all levels will be thinking about what to study next year and how to make the most of their time at Viewbank College. There are subject selection interviews and information sessions – a lot to think about.


Kaye Mackenzie,

International Student Coordinator.