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Viewbank College Alumni

Viewbank College gets lots of positive feedback from diverse quarters about students, past and present.  It is always a pleasure to hear of former students, no matter their endeavours and we wish to create a greater connection with former students by creating a Viewbank College alumni information gathering system.  The alumni is not about the College organizing Year Reunions, each year group is more than capable of doing that, but it is about maintaining contact.  After the very successful STEM Careers evening this year, where many of the presenters were ex-students, we are so conscious of tapping into the ex–students as valuable resources to help promote careers and pathways.  We are excited for ex-students to register but want to ensure them that the emphasis purely on careers and pathways.  The College is adding the following disclaimer on the registration form:  

“Thank you for taking the time to add your information to our alumni database.  Any information provided will be used to assist us in organising career related events.  It will not be shared with any third party or used for any other purpose."

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