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VCE Results

Congratulations to the Class of 2017


A very big congratulations to the Class of 2017

The College is proud of the achievements of our VCE class, 179 who have scored ATAR's have proved that hard work has resulted in creditable results.  The grid below gives the breakdown:

ATAR Score Number Percentage of the Cohort
90-99.5 27 15%
80-89 41 23%
70-79 31 17%
60-69 28 16%
50-59 28 16%
Below 50 24 13%


The 2017 College VCE Data:

  • the average of all scores was 70.92
  • the median scores was 32
  • the percentage of Study Scores for 40 and above was 9.8%
  • 23 students qualified for the Victorian Baccalaureate

A hearty congratulations to the four top achieving students:

  • Dux for 2017 - Hannah Nugent  99.3.  Hannah is planning to do Biomedicine at Melbourne University
  • Second Top student - Jody Liu  99.25.  Jody is planning to do Commerce at Melbourne University
  • Third Top student - Justin Nieuwhof  98.65.  Justin is planning to do Science at Melbourne University
  • Fourth Top student - Praveen Kusaladarma.  Praveen is planning to do Biomedicine at Melbourne University

Perfect 50:

The two following students achieved perfect scores of 50:

  • Hannah Nugent - Maths. Further
  • Tianle (Jessica) Wang - Maths. Methods (Tianle is a Year 11 student)

To get the perfect score is rare so we are proud to have two students achieve this feat of scholarship.

The College is delighted with these results.  Success at VCE depends on the effort and capacity of students to be organised, meet deadlines and always work closely with their teachers.

When we further analyse these results, we are particularly proud that:

  • 87% of this cohort achieved ATAR Scores 50 and above
  • 55% of the cohort achieved ATAR Scores 70 and above
  • 38% of the cohort were 80 and above 
  • 16 students were in the top 1% of the State and 27 were in the top 2% of the State.

VCE ATAR scores are about opening up opportunities for defnite tertiary pathways and we are delighted that our students have worked hard to create for themselves those pathways.  I wish to acknowledge the hard work of our teachers, not only their VCE teachers but those of previous years who have contributed and helped set students up.  Well done Class of 2017!