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Enhanced/Accelerated Program

Enhanced Accelerated Program

The Viewbank College Enhanced/Acceleration program is for students who are enrolled at Viewbank College and is designed to offer gifted and talented learners who have been identified as very capable, committed and enthusiastic the opportunity to work in a challenging and stimulating environment with students of similar ability. Suitable students will have academic skills above those of their age peer group.

The Enhanced Acceleration Program features:

  •       A study structure that is fast paced and non-repetitive, thus covering traditional curriculum in a shorter amount of time
  •       Opportunity for students to work independently and collaboratively to achieve their academic potential
  •       Opportunity for students to study more abstract, complex, and in-depth content within a subject area
  •       Expectation for students to participate in the wide range of enrichment activities offered at the College
  •       The connection, support and stimulation offered by a  class of like-minded peers


Students in the Enhanced/Acceleration Program may undertake a learning program that differs from mainstream classes in that their studies will be compacted over the first 3 years of their secondary schooling, allowing students to undertake a broader range of VCE subjects and maximise their achievement.

Year 1  

 Year 7 Enhanced and part Year 8 work

 Health & PE/LOTE and Arts & Technology at level

Year 2

 Part Year 8 Enhanced and Year 9 work

 Health &PE/LOTE and Arts & Technology at level

Year 3

 Part Year 9 Enhanced Year 10 work

 Yr 9 electives at level

Year 4

 A mixture of Year 10 Enhanced & 11 work
 (depending on readiness for VCE)   

 Unit 1 & 2 personal selection, Year 10 Enhanced English, Year 10 subjects and Year 10 electives

Year 5

 Unit 1 & 2 and 3 & 4

 Breadth, extension

Year 6

 Unit 3 & 4

 Strongest subjects



Students in this program will be encouraged and are expected to be involved in a range of College activities such as sport, the College production, debating and music. They are also expected to be involved in a number of competitions and programs as outlined in the Enhanced Acceleration Handbook.

The selection processes are designed to identify students for whom this type of program is appropriate. These tests provide an opportunity for students to demonstrate that they have the appropriate academic skills to allow them to benefit from an accelerated curriculum. Students will be required to sit three short tests to assess aptitude and ability in Numeracy, General Reasoning and Literacy. Applicants who gain suitable test scores across the whole range of skills tested may be interviewed. Information may also be sought from the student’s primary school as deemed necessary.

A class of 26 students will be selected and parents will receive a letter advising whether their child has been offered a place in this class in November. This program is both challenging and rewarding, thus it is essential that students have a high level of maturity and commitment and be capable of independent learning. It is important that parents do not pressure students unduly to participate in the program. The motivation to be involved should come from the student.

It is important to understand that an Enhanced/Acceleration program will not suit every student who is academically talented and that many parents do not want their student to be accelerated. Viewbank College recognizes that there is a need to extend and enhance all students, particularly those talented and highly motivated students in mainstream classes.


Continuation in the special program will be dependent on satisfactory progress in all studies. Students are closely monitored throughout the year. The progress of each student will be reviewed at the conclusion of each semester and parents and the student will be consulted should there be concerns over the student’s progress. It is possible a student may wish to leave the program and join peers in mainstream classes. However parents and the student would to need to discuss this with the College.

Should you have further enquiries please contact
Emma Ford, Assistant Principal on 9458 2811 or email



In August 2019, parents and students will be advised by the primary school whether they have been successful in their application to attend Viewbank College for 2020.
In late August/early September, students enrolled at Viewbank College for Year 7, 2020 will have the opportunity to book into the placement testing which will take place at the College on Saturday, October 19th, 2019 between 10am sharp and 12.30pm.  Applications are to be made via Trybooking (check back at a later date for link) 
Applications open on Monday 26th August, 2019 at 9am and will close on Friday Monday 13th September, 2019 at 3pm sharp.
For further information on the program, please click the attached documents: