Viewbank College



For many years now debating has been an integral part of the College and a rewarding experience open to all students, from Years 7 to 12.  For Years 9 and above, Interschool debating runs after school at Loyola College on Mondays.

Debating is an excellent opportunity for students of the College to gain experience in public speaking and extend their literally abilities beyond the classroom.  It also exposes students to important current political and community changes, whilst forcing them to consider all points of view - even those which might be counter to their own.  These are all skills which have applications beyond their academic origins and create students who are well informed, respectful of differing opinions and are able to eloquently express their views about the world around them.  Debating does not just challenge students, it also helps them to enjoy their time at the College!

All students in interschool debating receive continual assistance and support from Ms Olsen (the Debating Coordinator) and myself, inside and out of competitions, such that they are able to get the most out of their debating experience.  With our support and all the enthusiasm I've seen from students ready to rebut their hearts out, I'm sure Viewbank will have another fantastic year of Debating!


Isobel Beasley, 2016 Debating Captain