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Address:  Warren Road, Rosanna, Victoria, 3084

Postal Address: P.O. Box 264, Rosanna, Victoria, 3084

Phone: (03) 9458 2811

Fax: (03) 9459 0512




2018 Key Contacts

Principal Mrs. Judith Craze
Assistant Principal Mr. John Munro
Assistant Principal Mrs. Emma Ford
Assistant Principal Ms. Rachael Smith
Business Manager Ms. Kathleen Hannan
Year 7
Level Leader Mr. Tom Krieg
Wellbeing Leader Ms. Sally Ho
Wellbeing Leader Ms. Stephanie Clapp
Mentor tba
Year 8
Level Leader Mrs. Tamara Vasiliadis
Wellbeing Leader Mr. Michael Ericson
Wellbeing Leader Ms. Emily Pinney-Brown
Mentor Ms. Linda Robertson
Year 9
Level Leader Ms. Vita Cottone
Wellbeing Leader Mr. Nicholas Morley
Wellbeing Leader Ms. Liana Ben
Mentor Ms. Clare Fleming
Year 10
Level Leader Mr. Darren Murray
Wellbeing Leader Mrs. Stacey Konstantopoulos
Wellbeing Leader Ms. Allison Lemar
Mentor Ms. Moya Richardson
Year 11
Level Leader Ms. Kimberlee Olsen
Wellbeing Leader Ms. Fiona Ellis
Wellbeing Leader Ms. Alice Nguyen
Mentor Mrs. Lauren Jewell
Year 12
Level Leader Mr. Dean Bettiol
Wellbeing Leader Ms. Di Allan
Wellbeing Leader Mr. Sean Hiller 
Mentor Ms. Laura Stein
International Student Coordinator Ms. Kaye Mackenzie
International Student Assistant Mrs. Jeanette Maxwell
Pathways Leader Mrs. Ruth Perkins
VET and Work Experience Coordinator Mr. Duncan Pitt
School Nurse Mrs. Kylie White


Domain Leaders


Mrs. Helen Peake


Ms. Belinda Pontes


Mr. John Patterson


Ms. Rachel Ramsay


Ms. Jaclyn Curnow


Ms. Jennifer Varrasso


Mr. Leigh Carlyon

Health and PE

Mr. Ross Purcell


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Feedback is an important tool that we use to improve our college. Every enquiry, suggestion, complaint and compliment helps to create a better learning enviorment for our community.  Email or phone 9458 2811.  If your feedback is regarding this website, please email