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Welcome to Viewbank College.

‘Caring for Excellence’

We invite you to browse through our website to gain a better understanding of the College: its values, ethos, curriculum and the opportunities for rich learning. The College is proud of its strong academic standing which comes from highly motivated, committed staff encouraging students to achieve their best possible outcomes.

During 2017, the College will undertake rigorous self-analysis as part of a College Review to set a clear vision for the next four years.  The College is committed to developing quality teaching and learning to challenge each student, no matter their starting point.  Our aim is to produce students who can apply knowledge and think for themselves to problem solve. The College has at its forefront, the need to provide relevant learning that gives our students a competitive edge in taking their place as the global citizens of tomorrow.  The College is focussed on a 'growth mindset', ensuring all students feel they are growing as learners.  The focus of our teacher learning teams is on differentiation, enquiry based learning, higher order thinking and problem solving.

As well as offering students diverse learning opportunities in the classroom, students have opportunities to develop and explore their talents through the Enhanced Acceleration Program; the two strand LOTE Program; STEM enhancements; the Debating and Public Speaking Programs; the vibrant Music and Performing and Visual Arts Programs and the extensive Sports Program. Students are actively encouraged to be involved in the extensive range of co-curricular activities which provide enhancement opportunities. The strong Student Leadership Program dynamically promotes an ethos of involvement in the greater life of the College. As such, this builds student connections across the College and with staff. Students need to enjoy learning, through strong academic challenges and the co-curricular activities.

Viewbank College actively encourages parents to be involved through the College Council or the five parents support groups:  Friends of Music, Friends of Viewbank, Friends of STEM, Friends of Health and Well-Being and Friends of the Visual and Performing Arts. When parents feel comfortable coming into the College and have a voice then what we offer is a powerful alignment of high expectations. 

Judith Craze


‘Caring for Excellence’